Amazon Automation

Amazon Automated is "You Invest / We Manage." This business model gives you the strategy you need to be successful and create time freedom. You’ll be able to leverage your credit line as well as our team to unlock the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Generate Internet Income
With An Automated Amazon Store

This video is required to be watched by everyone trying to apply so that everyone is as educated as possible before getting on a qualification call. Why? Because we like to work with investors that are committed to their success. We want you to show up to a qualification call with relevant questions, we look forward to that. 

How Our 4-Step System Works


To get the best results we vet clients before coming on board. We never want someone to sign up and find out that they are not truly ready for this investment.


During our initial call, we will breakdown the dynamics of drop shipping to ensure you are knowledgeable about the industry before you begin.


Hire Tommy and our team of experts, and we’ll walk you through all of the details to get your Amazon store set up.

Start making money while we manage

Once our team has the permissions you are put into the que to get your stores launched. When your store is up to be launched all you have to do is step back and watch the sales roll in!


This is a business model that is similar to real estate management companies. Instead of handling proterties for people, we handle their AMZ stores.

Our Technology

OUR EMPLOYEES cannot enter the building without going through a facial recognition software, securing every client’s investment.

OUR CLIENTS orders get fulfilled in 40 minutes or less. Making us the fastest, most reliable and THE BEST at drop shipping!

OUR OFFICES are secured with cameras, software and security systems that elevate the customer’s trust, our credibility and the overall experience for both our clients and our employees.

OUR SOFTWARE is also in house. As change develops on different platforms, we will be able to make timely developments to keep our clients making money!

Interview With Grant Cardone

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Why Our Team?

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About Team Tommy

Everyone here with Team Tommy has the same mindset our Founder and CEO, Tommy Rodriguez, started this company with. Our "people first money mindset" allows us to serve our investors with their client experience first, making their experience as simple as it needs to be. From US based support to our client TRod App to our in-person live events and so much more!

Team Tommy has grown to become a complete in-house Automation Empire. We have stepped away from the typical "VA automation" business model and brought everyone in-house. While this has worked in the past, we do not see it as a business model that can adapt and grow at the rate that our company moves. We are now able to train everyone while doing quality control over the operations. We are now also able to quickly troubleshoot changes as they are rolled out to get solutions to different platforms and their ever-changing policies and software. With our team in Colombia, investors are now also able to visit our office in person!