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Book a $97 Intro Call

During our initial call, we will breakdown the dynamics of drop shipping to ensure you are knowledgeable about the industry before you begin.

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Hire Tommy and our team of experts, and we’ll handle all of the details to get your Amazon store set up and generating revenue.

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For the first three months after set-up, we’ll make sure your Amazon store is hitting every required goal (and then some).

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Start the career of your dreams and build an Amazon store that can create success for you, by earning a profit on Amazon.

For only $97 USD

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Are you overwhelmed by the amount of set up required to create a profitable business? Are you having trouble finding the right products to sell? Do you find yourself stuck in the endless cycle of listing products, processing orders, and uploading tracking numbers?

Without hiring our team to set up your Amazon drop-shipping business, you’ll no doubt continue to stay stuck in the daily grind. Take the first step and simply learn more by having a call with the team. 

For only $97 USD


Well Known Entrepreneur

Amazon Automation Expert

World Traveler 20+ Countries

My name is Tommy Rodriguez and like you, I struggled to find a stable income that I could depend on. With a child on the way and no money in my bank account, it was time for a change. I took a risk.

And it worked.

Now I’m within the top 1% in the world with my income and I’m committed to helping my clients gain personal freedom.

People that have hired us to manage their Amazon Store have found more time with their families, more time to travel, and more money to enjoy life with.

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